Global Connectivity

Raytheon’s SkyBridge satellite communications module pairs with any Raytheon mobile application to provide global connectivity, including in areas where cellular networks are unavailable or unreliable.

SkyBridge incorporates a Bluetooth module for wireless connectivity to the mobile handset and an integrated Iridium® modem to provide global communications between Raytheon mobile applications and our Gotham™ centralized device monitoring and management system.

Discreet Operations

SkyBridge’s lightweight, compact size (2.8 in. wide x 1 in. high x 4.625 in. long) and benign commercial appearance allow it to easily blend into and be used in any environment. It can be carried conveniently in a pocket, backpack, or vehicle console when connected to a mobile device.


SkyBridge can be powered from its internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery or by an external power source, such as a vehicle power adapter or wall outlet.

Secure Communications

When used with any Raytheon mobile application, all communications between SkyBridge and Gotham are encrypted, so that text messages, track data, and emergency alerts are securely exchanged.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Small, lightweight form factor
  • Highly portable
  • Benign, commercial appearance
  • Enables global, secure connectivity
  • Easy-to-use one-button operation
  • Made in the United States


  • High-threat environments
  • Low-profile operations
  • SMS-denied areas
  • Disaster response activities
  • Remote border protection
  • Remote search and rescue
  • Humanitarian services

Unique Technical And Operational Knowledge Of Your TTL Missions

At Raytheon, we have a proven track record of providing innovative and effective solutions to the First Responder, Intelligence, and Defense Communities. Our technical field support personnel are deployed with U.S. Government elements worldwide to provide direct support to ongoing operations. Between our personnel in the field and our engineers, scientists, researchers, and analysts, we fill the gap from technology creation to real-world deployment by moving solutions quickly into operations.

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